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NCARRB. Please Read

December 6, 2018

Members of the NCA Remuneration Review Body are due to visit Spring Gardens on the 12th December 2018.

There will be an opportunity for some officers to meet with members of the NCARRB. If that is you, I encourage you to read the attached leaflet which includes background information on the NCARRB, biographies of the members visiting and as well as the latest NCARRB report and government response and be candid in our experience of NCA pay . . . NCOA requested that agency allow for as much time as possible for NCA officers to meet with members of the NCARRB during this visit.

The timetable for your NEC to formally engage with the NCARRB involves the submission of our report by the end of January 2019, followed by verbal submissions in early March. We will be making a robust case that all NCA officers should receive a meaningful consolidated pay rise in 2019/20.

Matters of pay and allowances were the subject of much debate at this years NCOA Annual Delegates Conference, motions EM1 – NCA Pay, A7 – London and Regional Allowances and A8 – Shift and unsociable hours payment were passed and will the form basis of our submission Full information on the ADC has been prebiously published on this website (see news).

Throughout 2018 your NEC have continued to engage informally with the Office of Manpower Economics who support the NCARRB and have been consistent in raising the concerns of our members that in 2017/18, HM Treasury yet again dismissed some of the recommendations of the NCARRB in favour of a less favourable pay settlements. Next year we anticipate that the NCARRB will report in May.

As in previous years we will continue to publish updates on the NCA pay proposals as they become available and make the case for NCA officers to be paid fairly and competitively.

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Steve BOND