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NCOA Trauma Survey Efforts Recognised

December 14, 2018

On 6th December, the National Crime Agency Health & Wellbeing team wrote to NCOA Chair Steve Bond, to express their thanks for the unions work on their behalf to provide responses to the Police Dependents Trust Trauma Survey . . .

Dear Steve,

We are writing to formally thank you and recognise your contribution to our participation in the Police Dependents Trust trauma survey “The Job and The Life”. As you are aware this is a nationwide survey in how officers are affected by the traumatic aspects to their work. The results of this survey will be invaluable to the NCA as we can greater understand how our officers are affected and more importantly we can work on providing the correct support for our officers.

We are aware that it was in fact the NCOA who was pivotal in setting up the collaborative partnership between the Police Dependents Trust and the NCA which has led to our participation in the survey. We are also aware that the NCOA contacted all 2,500 members via text message to ask them to participate in the survey which came at a cost. We had a great response which was 496. The Police Dependents Trust set a target of 300 responses which we exceeded, partly thanks to your contribution.

Therefore we would like to extend formally our thanks to you and recognise the contribution you have made to helping us to work towards providing better support for our officers and increasing their wellbeing.

Yours Sincerely,

Health & Wellbeing Team