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ADC Emergency Motion - NCA Pay

November 2, 2018

The following motion was unanimously passed by ADC delegates:

On the 25th October 2018 the House of Commons Home Affairs Select Committee published its report titled ‘Policing for the future’. The NCA provided evidence which is included in this report which is highly critical of the funding provided by the current Government to Policing, included in the report is the following ‘Policing urgently needs more money. The Government must make sure policing is a priority in the Budget and Spending Review , or public safety and communities will pay the price’

In a recent interview on Radio 4 Today Programme Lynne Owens – Director General of the NCA and a respected voice in policing talked ‘of the danger of losing sight of one of the core principles of policing in this country: the duty that every officer has to prevent crime. Under overwhelming resourcing strain, policing is becoming increasingly reactive ..’ 

The budget of the NCA is under increasing pressure, within the last week it has become apparent that additional strain will placed be on that budget as a result of changes to the employer contributions to the Police Pension scheme.

NCOA members will recall that at the conclusion of the pay reform negotiations the NCA committed to average pay increases across its workforce of 3% in 2017/8 and 3% in 2018/9 and 2% 2019/20. Whilst years 1 and 2 of the pay offer were to be entirely self-funded, there remained scope to return to HM Treasury to seek additional funding for Year 3 (2019/20).  It is  apparent that the NCA are showing no appetite to return to HM Treasury and with only an Increased Revenue Cost ( IRC) of only 1.7% available for the forthcoming pay round , many NCA officers will again receive a below inflation pay settlement in 2019 whatever the NCARRB recommend. If the NCA continues to focus its activity on preparing for the potential 2019 Comprehensive Spending Review with a ‘jam tomorrow ‘ approach to rewarding its officers it risks undermining any positive steps it made in the recruitment and retention of officers as a result of the previous targeted  pay settlements.

The impact of a 1.7% pay settlement will make the NCA a less competitive employer when pay is benchmarked against comparable employers. In the most recent pay settlement for police officers in England and Wales they received a 2% consolidated pay uplift (there independent pay review body recommended 3%). A case made to the Scottish Government for additional funding resulted in a 6.5% pay uplift for Police Officers there.

This ADC should direct its NEC to :

  • Make the case for the NCA to seek additional funding from HM Treasury to fund a fair pay offer in 2019/20.
  • Make the case that all NCA officers receive fair consolidated pay uplift in 2019/20.
  • If the Spot Rate is to be the embedded process of recognising experience in the NCA, make the case that it be extended to all roles across all grades.
  • If the NCA is to reduce the scales of pay across all grades, make the case that this is achieved by substantially increasing the minimums in each grade rather than reducing the maximum of the pay scales.
  • Hold the NCA to account on transparency with its engagement of pay matters with the NCOA and its members.