Accredited Post Incident Procedure (PIP) NCOA Rep

Job Title: Accredited Post Incident Procedure (PIP) NCOA Rep
Salary: Voluntary
Location: Peterborough Area

Reps Brief: Expressions of interest to be an accredited Post Incident Procedure (PIP) NCOA Rep.

Your NEC are seeking Expressions of Interest from Workplace Reps who wish to join the cadre of PIP accredited NCOA Reps. Reps who wish to undertake these additional responsibilities must be able to attend a residential course between the 13th – 17th January 2020, the venue has yet to be confirmed but is likely to be in the Peterborough area.

This training will be delivered by the Police Firearms Officers Association and focus on the Post Incident Procedures which take place following an incident which involves a Death or Serious Injury and the Role of an NCA Trade Union Representative in supporting members. During the course, NCOA Reps will receive training in:

-       Identifying what is a Death or Serious Incident PIP incident.

-       Identifying Key ‘Police’ Witnesses

-       What is the role of the NCA Police Incident Manager (PIM) and Appointed Officer (AO).

-       What is conferring and when is separation of Key ‘Police’ Witnesses appropriate.

-       The role of the NCOA Rep in managing the welfare NCOA Members and how the NCOA Rep obtains legal advice and continues to support members during the potential IOPC investigation.

The course is likely to have an examination on the final day and those attending this training will need to undertake some pre course work. Having successfully passed the course, NCOA Reps will be expected maintain their accreditation by attending the NCA annual CPD event.

Being an NCOA PIP accredited Rep can be a very rewarding role, supporting our members when they feel most vulnerable. Reps must be prepared to be flexible as they may be asked to be on-call or deploy at short notice. Invariably Death or Serious Injury incidents are likely to take place outside normal hours and away from NCA premises.

The NCA have made a commitment to the training of at least 7 NCOA Reps in the January course, this is at considerable expense to the agency and we ask that only Reps who are committed to remaining in the role of NCOA Rep for at least 24months express an interest.

NCOA Reps who wish to express an interest in attending the January training course should submit a written reasoned argument of no more than 500 words on ‘ why I would make a good NCOA PIP accredited Rep ‘ to Alan Rose on by the 1st October 2019. Reps are asked to include evidence of:

-       Dealing with complex representative matters.

-       Commitment to supporting the welfare of NCOA Members.

-       Working flexibly in supporting members.

Reps will be advised of the outcome of their expressions of interest by the 7th October 2019. Selection will be based on the content of the expressions of interest and to ensure that the NCOA has an appropriate geographical spread of NCOA Workplace Reps accredited in PIP.

Feel free to contact me, if you require any further information.