Workplace Representatives

Job Title: Workplace Representatives
Salary: Voluntary
Location: Multiple

Are you - approachable, flexible and have a willingness to represent NCOA members when they need support? If so the NCOA are actively seeking to recruit additional workplace representatives at the following NCA sites:





New Representatives will work with existing Reps in their regions to gain experience of trade union recruitment, organising and casework. They should also be available to attend initial Reps Training which is planned to take place in May 2019. All Reps are also encouraged to attend our Annual Delegates Conference and CPD event which will take place in Brighton between the 29th – 31st October 2019.  

The NCA Employee Relations OP (HR09), states ‘the NCA values and supports good employee relations with its officers. The organisation recognises trade unions for the purpose of collective bargaining and encourages officers to belong to a recognised trade union as an avenue of ensuring that officers’ views are represented’

NCOA Reps are entitled to facility time to undertake Trade Union Duties and Activities; this includes attending all NCOA training events. Being an NCOA Rep also provides opportunities for Reps at any grade to be involved in consultation with Senior Leaders and opportunities to develop communication, negotiation and decision making skills.

Should you want to express an interest in becoming an NCOA Rep, or even just get more information on what the role entails, please contact Steve Bond at