Insurance Benefit Trust


The NCOA Insurance Benefit Trust is a comprehensive insurance package designed to protect you, your partner and dependent children.

The Trust provides a wide range of benefits and it has been designed to enable members to cancel arrangements with their existing insurance providers in favour of this all inclusive package thus realising potential annual savings of over £1000.00.

The benefits include:

  • Home Emergency Assistance
  • Life Insurance
  • Critical Illness
  • Sick Pay Protection
  • Mobile Phone Insurance (including partner)
  • Worldwide Family Travel Insurance
  • CARS - Rehabilitation and Convalescence facility

Supplementary Insurance

Members and cohabiting partners who require higher levels of cover may take out supplementary life and/or critical illness cover which is available up to 60 years of age and is payable by direct debit. View Supplementary Insurance Scheme

Supplementary Downloads

NCOA IBT Supplementary Application

NCOA IBT Supplementary Direct Debit Form


Try our NCOA IBT Personal Calculator to see how much you could save.

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The benefits within the package have been designed to reflect the unique nature of the work undertaken by the NCA such as deployment in countries designated as `hot spots` and excluded from cover by most insurance companies.

Full details of the Trust can be found in the attached Booklet and Application Forms are also available in the following links:


NCOA IBT Scheme Booklet

NCOA IBT Application Form

NCOA IBT Underwritten Application Form

NCOA Retired Membership Booklet

NCOA Travel Policy