Monthly subscription rates:
£11.45 – Grade 6 and Part Time Workers (up to & incl Grade 2)
£15.95 – Grade 5 - Grade 2
£19.95 – Grade 1 

*New recruits to the NCA can secure up to 4 months ‘Subscription Free’ cover by joining the NCOA straight away

**IOTP/ODP Officers will benefit from reduced membership subscriptions of £11.45 for the first 12 months of their NCA career. After this time, they will move to Standard Subscription rates for their Grade - £15.95.  

Subscription levels are linked to Grade and part time/full time status. It is incumbent on you as a member to update us re any changes which might affect your subscriptions. Where changes result in reduced subscription payments, the NCOA may agree to issue a refund of any overpayments. In such circumstances, payments will be limited to a maximum of 3 months from the point of notification.  


  • 24 hour access to fully trained representatives regarding workplace discipline, misconduct and grievance matters
  • Full Motor Breakdown Cover* for you and your partner
  • Legal assistance with regards to employment law claims against your employer
  • Legal assistance and representation in relation to criminal prosecutions arising out of your employment
  • Legal assistance with regards to IOPC investigations (Incl PIRC/PONI) 
  • £2000 death grant payable to any nominee
  • GP 24
  • Health Assured – Health and Wellbeing support for you and your family

* From 1st June 2023 *
New UK Motor Breakdown Call Centre Number - 01206 714325
If you cannot connect, call 01603 327180

For assistance in the Territorial Limits (Europe), call - 0044 1206 714325

The following links provide access to our member benefit policies and benefits booklet.