2018 NCARRB Submission on Members Pay


Dear Member

Pay Reform is on everyone’s lips and hopefully you are aware of the path that now lies ahead.

The reason for the existence of the NCARRB fades in people’s memories and recent Blog comments appear to have added to the confusion. Whilst the NCOA will never favour one group over another, we have two distinct Pay negotiation channels - one for officers with powers (NCARRB) and one for those without powers (Treasury Pay Remit).

These two channels were introduced by the Crime and Courts Act 2013 following the failure to sign up to a voluntary ‘whole workforce’ no strike arrangement . . This pre-dated the existence of the NCOA.

To date, the NCARRB has always been first on the pay calendar which sets the tone for ‘non-powers’ discussions in due course. We do not set the timetable and are controlled in this regard by central government and the NCARRB themselves.

Whilst remaining tight lipped on its [Agency] Pay reform proposals, the NCA says that it is not a simple ‘powers vs. non-powers’ issue. In fact they have reported quite openly that those without powers may still see real benefits from the recommendations. In due course you will know for sure.

However, as some officers with powers will be affected by the Pay Reform proposals, they must be considered by the NCARRB in the first instance.

We are committed to engaging with all members prior to giving a position to support or reject what is on offer. This will be after the NCARRB process and negotiating and consultation has taken place.   

To kick start our engagement with the NCARRB we have prepared an extensive report which will be placed on our website from 2pm today. This document contains information on the NCA‘s proposals which we have, in isolation, fought to be released for inclusion in our submission.

The Agency has committed to releasing full information on pay reform at the time of the oral presentations on Tuesday 28th November. 

To reiterate an earlier message - it is critical that you engage in both the forthcoming survey and the ballot to enable us to reach a conclusive position. Encourage non-members to join - it is only way they can have any influence what happens for the future.

To see the submission in full press the link


Simon Boon

General Secretary