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Proposed Leave Cap in Investigations - Update

August 3, 2018

Yesterday the General Secretary and Chair met with Senior Leaders from NCA Investigations and HR to discuss the leave cap of 25%. Following honest and productive discussions, I have informed the agency this morning that the NCOA is no longer in dispute.

The NCA have now agreed to provide Trade Unions with a written rationale for managing abstractions throughout peak leave periods. There will then be a formal period of consultation in line with the Employee Relations Policy on the agency’s proposals. The purpose of the consultation will be to reach an agreed position on annual leave, as an interim measure, whilst the wider shift and deployment review is pending….your NEC reserves the right to escalate this issue again if matters are not resolved satisfactorily.

In the meantime, we have received an undertaking that applications for leave in investigations will now be considered in a way which enables the NCA to maintain its operational resilience whilst mindful of the wellbeing of officers, but not necessarily requiring 75% of staff in work at all times.

Each branch will be encouraged to brigade resources, to avoid those members in small teams being disproportionately impacted upon. There will be a common sense approach to granting annual leave this Christmas.  Whilst it is accepted that some staff may still have leave declined, these applications can now be revisited by management if circumstances change.

Please bring any concerns to your NCOA workplace Rep. Members will be kept updated on the ongoing consultation exercise.

Steve BOND