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Ballot Results

February 27, 2018

Dear Colleagues,

Yesterday we advised you that the decision of NCOA Members in the recent Pay Reform Ballot was to reject the contractual changes (move to 40hr week) associated with the NCA Spot Rate pay system.

I can now confirm the NCOA Ballot result was:

Vote accepting contractual changes:            29.4%

Vote rejecting contractual changes:             70.6%

Turn out:                                                    60.6%

Both the PCS and FDA Trade Unions ballots also rejected the proposals. Therefore no Collective Agreement has been reached with the NCA to bring about the contractual changes

Your NEC are now meeting Senior NCA officers who  must consider the next steps in its Pay Reform programme, This is likely to  include the NCA offering  its officers currently in a Spot Rate role the ability to Opt In ​tothat  pay system.

Whilst ,contrary to the overall ballot result, with some NCOA Members due to receive pay increases of between 8% - 26% by moving to this system of pay, they are likely choose this option. 

The NCA should now take cognisance of the NCOA ballot result. This is a rejection of a move to a 40hr week, which is consistent with the comments made by the NCARRB in its recent report.

In the agreement made to avoid any contractual enhanced flexibility as part of pay reform, the NCA accepted that the Trade Unions will be involved in a review of working practices. The Terms of Reference of that review should now include a full evidenced based assessment that the NCA working week should not necessarily be changed from 37hrs.


We will be providing further information as it becomes available.