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NCA to Impose 2017/17 Pay Award

February 28, 2018
During the last 2 days your NEC has been meeting with NCA Senior Leaders to discuss how the NCA reacts to the  rejection of its Pay Reform proposals by Trade Union members.
NCOA already advised you that as  no collective agreement was reached to allow for the contractual changes associated with the  Spot Rate pay system. The NCA has now decided  that those officers currently in a designated role will be offered an Opt in arrangement. A condition of moving to a Spot Rate role remains a 40 hour working week.
In addition the NCA will be offering an additional 'Opt In' window in June 2018 . This is for officers who do not choose to 'Opt In' now ( 2017/18) or for those in additional roles which are subsequently  designated as suitable for Spot Rate. This additional window relates to the 2018/9 pay year and will not attract any back pay. In the forthcoming review of working practices , the NCOA will continue to hold the NCA to account as to why the increase in working hours is justified.
The NCA were unable to compromise on the other aspects of its Pay Proposals for 2017/2018 and will now impose them. Whilst this is particularly disappointing as it not only disregards the recommendation of the NCARRB, but will mean a minority of NCA Officers will not receive any consolidated pay increase this year again. It will though mean that all officers will receive backdated pay and the small number in receipt of a Recruitment and Retention allowance will have this paid in March 2018.
Your NEC will continue to represent its Members on all aspects of pay and allowances at the Remuneration Committee, Workforce Planning Group and the forthcoming review of working practices and allowances.