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Injury on Duty Sick Pay Award

September 11, 2018

One of the many questions received at membership regularly, concerns the issue of salary payment whilst off on medium – long term sick and occasionally, where an injury is a contributing factor. For reasons of clarity I have detailed the information below to assist affected members’ sick pay arrangements when injured whilst on duty.

HR12 OP01 (v9) Sickness, details the timescales related to sick pay which are dependent upon qualifying years of service. An Officer on ‘legacy’ T&C’s could be entitled to 6 months full pay and 6 months’ half pay over a rolling 2 year period.  Officers on ‘modernised’ T&C’s are entitled up to 5 months full pay and 5 months half pay over a rolling 4 year period.

The Civil Service Management Code of 2016, section 9.6.2 provides a  further entitlement where Officers sustain an injury while on duty, enabling them to receive six months on full pay (for absence related to that injury) before ‘normal’ sick pay arrangements kick in. This change effectively allows for an Officer injured at work, up to 12 months on full pay before dropping to half pay.

The above may be of value in past, current or future sick pay cases dealt with by the NCOA.