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Police Care UK Suicide Workshops

April 4, 2019

Police Care UK, formerly the Police Dependants Trust,  are running a series of full day seminars across the country on suicide prevention skills, how to support a colleague at higher risk, and how to develop resilience as a defence against depression.

Police Care UK has extended their invite to NCA officers and we encourage NCOA members to attend, what will be informative and educational events. The NCA support its officers in attending these sessions however, travel costs will need to be met from local budgets.

The 2018 NCOA Mental Health & Stress survey demonstrated the importance of recognising that there are officers within the NCA affected by mental health issues. These seminars will go some way in enabling our members to look out for themselves and their colleagues.

Dates and locations are: 10 June – Leicester, 12 June – Liverpool, 14 June – Durham, 15 July – Glasgow, 17 July – Aberdeen, and 19 July – Woking

Please go to for more information to book onto a seminar.