Important Action Required by all Members


The Best Data is Accurate Data

Dear Members, 

The NCOA are bound by the same general data protection regime that applies to most other businesses and organisations (GDPR). Special Category data includes details held by us about you as a member of a Trade Union and given your important role within UK law enforcement, we take our responsibility in keeping your data safe, very seriously. 

One of the main data processing accountability principles relates to the accuracy and storage of data held by us whilst you are a member of the NCOA. We are also accountable for removing data which is no longer necessary for us to keep, such as when you retire or resign as a member. 

It is therefore important that you keep us informed as changes occur in your private or work life. i.e., Name or address changes or change of role, grade or workplace – all of which we currently store about you as NCOA members. As a Trade Union it is also important under the Trade Union Act that our records are accurate and capable of withstanding scrutiny should we ever decide to take industrial action -with the backing of our membership through any formal ballot process. 

Therefore, in order to ensure that data we hold about you is accurate and up to date, we have sent each of our members a unique link via SMS or email which will connect directly to our new database and auto-populate amendments on your own member record as necessary. Moving forward, we would also urge you to pick an appropriate contact method (SMS, Email or Postal) to secure a direct line of communication between you and the Trade Union of the NCA.

We commit to only sending you information which is considered important and directly related to your membership of the NCOA and your role in the NCA (and any work we are carrying out on your behalf as a Trade Union). You will not receive third party emails – you are only agreeing to be contacted by the NCOA, which means you will not miss vital information about pay and pensions (for example) or other critical engagement being undertaken at any particular time.

Simon Boon - NCOA General Secretary