AGM Delegates set clear goals for NEC


An unprecedented number of motions to AGM saw delegates from every region highlighting Agency failings in Equality and Health & Safety, whilst setting out a clear wish to be balloted on any Pay Reform offer.

After two days and over 70 motions, delegates have sent a clear message to their union on how they wish to see NCOA engage with any Pay Reform offer.

Whilst the Midlands Wales & West challenged the organisation to have defined and transparent career progression routes, North and Northern Ireland delegates spoke passionately about the need to develop a bespoke Wellbeing service for NCA officers. The London and South East laid bare, their members exasperation over travel costs and working in the capital city, and how they are left trailing in the wake of their police partners, with regards to utilising the companies that could ease some of the financial pressures.

All regions spoke with one voice over the urgent need to uplift NCA wages and ensure that the pay cap is lifted on the Agency, in the same way as the police and prison service recently. Delegates voiced their resounding opposition to the agency being broken up into an operational/non-operational ‘postcode lottery’ of whether, after 4 years of loyalty, they will now see an open chasm of pay disparity between the haves and have-nots of law enforcement!

All of the issues raised over the past 48 hours are now being scheduled and will be escalated in the most appropriate way to progress between the NCOA, the Government and the employer.

The NEC would like to express their thanks to all of those that attended and to tell those that didn’t take their opportunity to have their say, just how important the next few months will be.


Simon Bashford