AHW Briefing July 2015


Many of you will have attended a workplace meeting with representatives of the NCA Management AHW team. These meetings, whilst also attended by your local reps are an information sharing process and designed to make you more informed.


We can now confirm that the formal consultation process has commenced with the employer regarding a proposed Annual Hours Working Allowance. Your negotiating team consists of Nicola Price and Steve Bond who have a constant support team of Simon Bashford, Simon Boon and Nick Edwards. The NEC is acutely aware that the NCOA represents the vast majority of officers who will be affected by the implementation of this allowance and so these individuals were selected to reflect their vast knowledge of individual working practices, employment law and their negotiating record.


Some of the negotiations are restricted as confidential at this stage, however I can say that the NCOA 

 has been provided with draft Policy Procedures covering how the implementation of any such allowance will operate. The NCOA has now been given information on the proposed value of the allowance and it is a priority for the NEC, that no member will suffer a financial detriment and that all talks will be underpinned by the intention of securing improved terms and conditions of employment.


Further meetings with the employer are planned in July, August and September. In addition, the NCOA plan to hold a series of national member meetings at the conclusion of the negotiating period.

No decisions will be made until we have fully engaged with those potentially affected by the introduction of this allowance.


It is intended that you will now receive regular updates on the progress of meetings as and when the two sides meet (next meeting 31st July).