AHW Negotiations Move Forward


Further to the Members Brief of the 24th July. The NCOA confirm that its National Executive Members (NEC) have continued to meet with representatives from Senior Management who are negotiating a proposed Annual Hours Working Allowance on behalf of the NCA. NCOA members should be confident that those representing them, have been candid with the employer that no NCOA member should suffer financial detriment as a result of the allowance.

If ratified by the NCA Board, it is envisaged that the NCA will make a formal offer regarding an AHW Allowance in early October. The NEC will provide NCOA members with the details of that offer when they receive it. The NEC plan to hold a series of meetings where member’s views will be taken and reiterate that no decisions will be made until the NEC have fully engaged with those potentially affected by the introduction of this allowance.

The NCOA negotiating team report that dialogue between themselves and the NCA has remained positive during the consultation process. The NCA have accepted a number of NCOA recommendations on how an allowance could operate to minimise the impact on the work life balance of its members. The NCOA have written to the employer with a realistic assessment of the level of allowance which would be consistent with the enhanced flexibility that the NCA seek.

We will of course update you as matters progress.