The results of the Independent Member Survey commissioned by the NCOA were produced at a recent NCA Board Meeting which was followed up with a meeting between NCOA Officials and the NCA Director General where your concerns, in respect of insufficient compensation and work life balance issues, were duly reported.

As a result the NCA have informed the NCARRB of their decision to formally withdraw all proposals on a AHW within this year`s pay proposals.

The NCOA member survey was issued to over 1400 of our members who were affected by the AHW proposals which delivered an 87.61% rejection and members were vociferous in the comments in the following areas:

Enhanced Flexibility Payment

“It doesn’t compensate adequately for employee flexibility.”

“A pay cut by any other name.”

“This didn’t work for Police Inspectors and completely disadvantaged those in demanding roles.”

“I feel that I am flexible enough at the moment; I give up plenty of time as it is and for what I get paid for.”

“Sell my soul for £3000 I do not think so...”

Work Life Balance

“No control over my life.”

“It’s totally unworkable for me; I have a baby and need to manage child care to enable me to continue my role.”

“I want to have ownership of my own work/life balance...”

The NEC wish to thank all members who participated in the survey, the results of which demonstrate the effectiveness of the NCOA in protecting the terms and conditions of all our members.

NCOA negotiators will shortly be engaged with the recently announced reforms to future pay an allowance review and we will report the outcome of both of these discussions in due course.