Annualised Hours Update


Dear Members,                                                        Members Briefing 1/15


It has been apparent for some time that the NCA have been 'scoping' options to identify an alternative to the existing overtime arrangements which are reflected in NCA policy. Throughout this period of 'scoping' the NCOA have repeatedly asked the organisation to be allowed to actively contribute on your behalf to the exercise being undertaken. Up until very recently our requests have been declined on the basis that there had been so few developments or progress made on the matter.


More recently the NCOA are quite rightly being asked by our membership what our involvement has been with regards to what is seen by many as a potential degradation of existing terms and conditions which currently reward any officer who works additional hours.


At long last the NCOA has commenced engagement with the NCA, albeit in a limited capacity. On the 8th December we attended our first meeting with representatives of HR and the project lead, to be briefed regarding the discussion points of the Annualised Hours Working Project Team who had met earlier that day. What has been made abundantly clear to us, is that these meetings should not be confused with a 'consultation exercise' which we are assured we will be invited to take part in, once the project team have concluded their work. 


The NCOA has so far been excluded from any meaningful consultation on an issue which has already led to more concerns being raised by our members who in many cases have already had to deal with the effects of rumoured estate closures and the risk of displacement. 


Due to our limited involvement at this stage, the NCOA is not able to provide you with details of any proposed Annualised Hours Allowance being developed by the employer however, please feel free to visit the NCA website where you will find further information on this subject.


The relevant document is in PDF format and can be found in the 'Publications' Section (page 5). Titled 'NCA Evidence into the NCA Remuneration Review Body'. 


Please rest assured that we are not content for our members to survive on rumours over this issue and will continue to seek constructive and proper engagement on your behalf to ensure that we able to represent your interests before key decisions are made.  


For further information, including a copy of the NCOA NCARRB submission paper please visit our website at NCOA.ORG.UK


Simon Boon 


NCOA Chair