The NCOA continues to engage with the employer over the proposed transfer terms of our colleagues from the National Fraud Authority (NFA), Borders (former C&FI’s) and the Police Economic Crime Unit (PeCU).


Evaluation work is ongoing in respect of the 12 transferring NFA staff who join the NCA from December. Although our NFA colleagues fall outside of the Crime & Courts Bill, they will transfer under COSOP and assimilated in the same way as the other two.


Nearly all of our Borders members continue to work in the same way and location as before with no discernable change. Work is ongoing in respect of previous role profiles which are being compared with the NCA equivalent.

The NCA Board awaits an initial scoping paper from their management team and is actively giving consideration to negotiating, with the Recognised unions, the best way to remunerate the type and patterns of work that will be performed by the former CFI’s. No single option is at this time being offered, discounted or preferred, and the NCOA negotiators will ensure that not only are the very best of terms secured but that the members concerned are consulted on their choice of terms.


Approximately 60 police officers and 13 former police staff have joined the NCA. The majority (but not exclusively) have transferred from the Metropolitan police.

In the same way as the Borders staff, NCA management are actively comparing the ‘Met’ role profiles with those designed to be closest to the work that will be performed in the NCA posts. In order to provide clarity and assurances around roles and grades, the Met have been instructed to provide due diligence data for each role at the point of transfer.

The NCOA negotiators have a clear idea where they consider the transferring staff should be assimilated and we look forward to seeing early sight of the NCA proposals.

Next stage:

The Board paper should be considered in December after which we hope to see some hard copy transfer drafts. In the meantime we encourage all members to inform us of their concerns (via the contact us section) and we will circulate all developments as more detail becomes available.