Bespoke Mental Health & Wellbeing Support for NCOA Members


Dear Members,

Has there ever been a better time to better understand and look after our own mental health and wellbeing? The last 12 months has affected each and every one of us, whether that be directly through illness or bereavement, the pressure of working from home with a house full of kids or even the fear of returning to an office workplace after such a long time away.

Here at the NCOA we have always prioritised members’ mental health and wellbeing but 2020 saw an unprecedented number of requests for services beyond the range of our existing support. Whilst COVID-19 may have been the catalyst, the member driven message for independent and confidential support came across loud and clear.

We are therefore delighted to announce a new partnership with Health Assured, an award-winning organisation who have significant experience where we need it.  Importantly, we have been able to secure the expertise of a company who clearly understand the security requirements of our niche membership group. Members can therefore be confident of talking freely about their role and the additional pressures which may be affecting them - whether that be on or off duty.

The service goes live today and for further detail on this exceptional service please read the article in the Spring edition of Under Cover at You can also contact Health Assured in complete confidence by calling 0800 9176470 or by email to Members can also access My Healthy Advantage via iOS and Android devices using the login MHA173846. A Wellbeing Portal is accessible if you wish to seek self-help guides to physical & mental health which can be accessed online using username: wellbeing and password: GrowWalllake1

NCOA are rightly thrilled that we are able to offer our hard-working members this exciting new member service, which once again sets us apart from other trade unions, and ensures we are continuing to play our part in protecting those who protect the public.

Simon Bashford