BI Assimilation Update


NCOA National Negotiators denounced the current AHW proposals earlier this month during their submissions to the NCARRB following an overwhelming rejection by members.  


The bespoke Pay Review panel were told that the levels of compensation were insufficient and the absence of any of the allowance being pensionable placed our members in a worsening position year on year.


They were also advised  that NCA management have built Borders assimilation terms on the basis  that a collective agreement would be obtained and/or NCARRB approval and support.


The NCOA condemned the plight of Borders Investigators who, after two and a half years, still await a tangible assimilation offer.


Our question to the NCARRB and the employer was simply  . If AHW is not implemented for staff on NCA Terms what is Plan B for our BI Members ?


We reported that It is unacceptable that assimilation is delayed any further and  it is time to honour the commitments made to our members in 2013, that they would receive a fair offer taking full consideration of current reward, skills and experience.


The day following the NCARRB NCOA Senior Officials met BI members from around country to explain the current position and to seek the views of those present in respect of the NCOA future strategy in the event that the AHW model is rejected by the Pay Review Board in May this year.


The NCOA are insisting that assimilation talks are commenced in advance of the NCARRB report in order to ensure that the NCA has a viable Plan B to offer our members which must either include an improvement on the existing  AHW proposals or an increase of the original assimilation terms offered to BI members.