BPC Assimilation Concerns Update


The NCOA has repeated its concerns about the apparent lack of commitment by the organisation to produce any tangible and definitive assimilation terms to the former UKBF/CFI members now operating within the Borders Command.


The NCOA wrote to the NCA on 31st July reminding them that our members still await transfer terms to be considered and, at the same time offered the employer a cost neutral interim solution to protect these officers and, to allow the NOVO and VES work to continue unabated. These included:


  • Any officer in receipt of AHW payments, who has not yet been offered assimilation terms, is permitted to move laterally or on promotion, with the allowance intact. They should not be able to claim overtime or any other payment which is covered by the allowance. This situation would continue until they are offered terms.


  • Any post that becomes vacant in the BPC that attracts AHW be initially offered ‘only’ to staff within the same arena, for the period of time until assimilation terms are offered.


  • Any officer instructed by NCA management to laterally move, have their allowances protected in the same way as bullet 1 above.


  • In respect of any BPC officer who has undergone any lengthy period of training / assessment campaign for a post e.g. SLO or Firearms, be given a ‘ticket’ for a period of time (18 - 24 months?). This will allow time for assimilation to take place and provide them with an informed position as to the consequences of taking that move whilst still showing commitment to offering the post they have striven to achieve.


Earlier this week, the NCOA again raised the issue with HR management to remind them that over a year since inception, the transferees feel isolated and divided from the main workforce and as a result they have agreed to publish an update communication shortly and I hope to report on positive progress very soon.


If any member is unsure about the validity of information they get in respect of restructure or assimilation, we ask you inform your NCOA representative who will provide you with the clarification and authenticity. For more information on current issues, visit www.ncoa.org.uk



Simon Bashford

NCOA National Secretary