Compensation for No Strike Agreement Removed


The National Crime Officers Association have been actively seeking implementation of the Dispute Resolution Procedure (DRP) which includes a `no strike agreement` and provision of a compensation package, which includes an additional two days annual leave.

 The NCA have written to NCOA Officials and informed them that the compensation package, initially offered to the unions in April 2013, has now been withdrawn as a result of a failure to secure an agreement, to adopt the DRP, from all three NCA Unions.

 Since its inception members will be aware that the NCOA has been a strong supporter of the DRP in order to ensure suspension of the `No Strike Legislation`, imposed by the Crime and Courts Bill which effectively creates a two-tier workforce within the NCA.

The NCA have indicated that this matter cannot be revisited until all three NCA unions are united in their support for the DRP. The NCOA will therefore seek to work together with the other unions, in an effort to achieve agreement in the interest and benefit of all union members within the NCA.

As a consequence of this decision the NCOA have been required to prepare a submission to the NCA Remuneration Review Body (RRB) in respect of a 2014 pay claim for all its members with Cross Powers. This process is expected to be concluded in March 2014 and any resultant pay award being effective from the 1st August 2014