Kings Coronation Medal Update


Dear Members,

We have recently received several queries asking whether or not the NCOA will fight for members to secure access to the recently announced Coronation medal.

You will recall that ahead of the late Queens Platinum Jubilee, that in January 2021 the NCOA fought for you to be eligible to be awarded the jubilee medal in recognition of your important work in the law enforcement arena and in protecting the public.

That request to the Home Secretary was unambiguous that it should be awarded to all staff i.e., with or without delegated powers. It was also very clear that this should not act as a one-time offer, but that any agreed suitability secured at Ministerial level ahead of the jubilee, would create clear precedent for the future.

The criteria for the Kings Coronation Medal is almost identical to the late Queen’s Platinum Jubilee medal and given the clear precedent, it is our expectation that where the eligibility criteria is met, officers should be awarded the medal in recognition of their roles.

We have therefore reached out to the Agency to secure their position and establish their support for staff regarding this important recognition issue.

In an unconnected matter, whilst we were unable to provide cash payments to all members, it is heartening to see that merely 8 months after introducing our own member hardship fund, the Government has finally reacted to the cost-of-living crisis with a £1500 payment.

It is a shame that the trigger for that payment was the combined actions of Trade Union members - which include those in the NCOA whose withdrawal of goodwill focused the attention of the NCA and Home Office to eventually deliver unadulterated pay award recommendations. Your action earlier this year was no doubt still ringing in their ears loud and clear.

Whilst the specific details of the payment are yet to be finalised, meetings are scheduled to take place between the NCOA and the Agency where we will be clear that payments should be paid as soon as practicable. We will also stress that this non-consolidated payment (i.e., ‘one off’ and non-pensionable) should not detract from the absolute necessity for NCOA members to receive a fair and timely pay rise for 2023/24.

Whilst the Agency plan to provide further information in the coming days, we know already that in order to be eligible for this payment, members will need to have been in post on the 31st March 2023 and still in post on the date of payment.

We will keep members updated when more information becomes available on both these issues.

Steve Bond
NCOA National Officer