COVID - 19 Data Protection


Data protection is not a barrier to increased and different types of working and during the pandemic, NCOA staff may work from home more frequently than usual. All NCOA employees are provided with bespoke computer access to an entirely cloud based system with virtual desktop and server, with two factor authentication and full data retention.

In recognising our responsibility to members in these exceptional times, The NCOA has remained flexible and to take a pragmatic approach to satisfying Data Protection rules and GDPR guidance.

In following the advice of the Information Commissioners Office, we see the National Crime Agency members facing some areas of operational capacity impact. UK data protection law however, is not an obstacle to being flexible. It explicitly sets out the importance of taking regard the public interest and their data.

The NCOA will continue to acknowledge the importance of privacy protections in the ways in which it handles members personal data, communications and the value of transparency provided by freedom of information.

Please stay safe.

Simon Bashford