Unacceptable Delays to NCA Pay Award Continue with Financial Crisis Looming


Worryingly Slow Progress on NCA Pay Deal

Dear Members, 

Given the spiralling cost of living crisis and confirmation that inflation shows no sign of abating having hit 10.1% earlier this week, we share your frustration in the lack of progress on the 2022 pay award. 

Whilst the NCARRB has a bespoke role in setting recommendations for NCA pay, it is one of 8 pay review bodies with a collective responsibility for reporting on the pay and allowances of approximately 6 million workers. It is therefore very noticeable that with the exception of the NCARRB, that all pay review body reports for this year are now in the public domain, with recommendations in train for those who come under the respective work fields covered by Pay Review Bodies.

Armed Forces Pay Review Body – Published 19th July 2022

Review Body on Doctors and Dentists’ Remuneration – Published 19th July 2022

NHS Pay Review Body – Published 19th July 2022

Prison Service Pay Review Body – Published 19th July 2022

School Teachers’ Review Body – Published 19th July 2022

Senior Salaries Review Body – Published 19th July 2022

Police Remuneration Review Body – Published 19th July 2022


National Crime Agency Remuneration Body – In existence but remains unpublished since July.

Despite the bespoke ‘’With Powers remit’, this important report has always formed an across-the-board foundation for all pay below SCS within the National Crime Agency. Whilst we are sighted on the issues currently facing the Agency, we are dismayed that despite being told that it would move at pace in an attempt to resolve the current blockage, a month down the line an Agency response to Treasury is still being developed and is not yet even being considered by the real decision makers in this process. 

As you were recently informed, this additional engagement with Treasury will delay any award in time for an August pay award, however, given the glacial pace we are currently witnessing, we are concerned that even a September payment cannot be guaranteed at this time either. 

With the truly horrific Ofgem energy price cap increases due to be implemented in October, it is simply untenable that our members sit alone in the public sector by not being provided details of their annual pay award. This at a time when every NCA single officer, irrespective of grade or role, is very likely to experience a severe financial jolt, which cannot be downplayed. 

To that end, we continue to encourage the Agency to publish the results of the NCARRB 8th Report and speed up its reporting to Treasury as an Agency priority. 

It is our belief, shared by many of you, that stalling the inevitable sharing of a public document which you will all get to see when awards are ratified, serves no purpose other than failing to display transparency to those it affects. 

We are continuing to engage with Agency and will update you when we are able.  

Simon Boon

NCOA General Secretary