Engagement with NCA Change Team


On a monthly basis NCA Business Change Team (BCT) engage with all Trade Unions (TU) to discuss any ongoing or future changes to the Agency.

This meeting allows the opportunity for TU Representatives to ask questions of the BCT and understand where the Agency is proposing to go with any future developments.  All TUs are encouraged to submit issues, prior to the meeting, to allow research by the BCT and ensures they understand our concerns.

The last two meetings have been curtailed or cancelled due to lack of interest, with only NCOA and BCT attending or agreeing to attend.

With the volume of change taking place within the Agency, this is a valid and useful forum to be involved, allowing TUs to present their objections (constructive or otherwise) to any forthcoming changes.

Rest assured that the NCOA will always be present to engage with NCA BCT.

If you have any issues that you wish to be presented to the BCT, then please identify them to your local NCOA Rep.

NCOA Head Office