Finally . . . A BPC Offer!


You will be aware from our regular bulletins and NCARRB submissions that the NCOA has pushed the employer very hard to produce a fair and attractive assimilation offer to bring you across onto NCA terms. As the largest trade union within the NCA we took the lead in these protracted negotiations and acted closely with NCOA reps within the Border Policing Command to ensure the right messages were reaching the employer.


The process was an extremely difficult one given that there are a number of different terms and allowances to examine and understand based on where and when you first started supporting your current working practices. In addition to a number of nuances across the board, the NCOA had to examine 5 different sets of terms and conditions which result in your current salary as it stands today.


Given the complexities of producing an assimilation offer which would suit everyone, the process took far longer than expected and saw the NCOA in particular reject potential new terms which we felt were unpalatable and would place you at a disadvantage with NCA colleagues.


It was clear to us that a ‘one size fits all’ assimilation package would lead to many of you being offered terms which you would simply find unacceptable given the negative impact on either your working life, final salary or in some cases both.


However it is in the collective interest of the NCA and those affected by lack of assimilation to be offered terms which encourage you to transfer across onto NCA terms. Therefore more recently in this lengthy process, we have focused on a range of assimilation ‘options’ which will provide you with a fair package and a full understanding of what the options mean to you as an individual. Ultimately, you will also be able to remain as you are and not assimilate onto the new  terms if you so wish.


The NCOA accept, given the myriad of terms and allowances that not everyone will chose to assimilate but we believe that the majority will recognise the hard work that has been undertaken on your behalf and will see some benefit to taking up one of the options available.


The NCA have produced a set of FAQ’s which have been agreed by the NCOA and, recognising the complexities unique to each officer, you will also receive a highly personal assimilation offer which will clearly breakdown the benefits of each option. You will see what these offers relate to in real terms i.e. what your salary will look like and how it will be broken down.


It is proposed that assimilation will take effect from 1 October 2016 and members are therefore urged to examine their offer letters in detail before making a decision which will be a highly personal one. The NCOA have also received an assurance that the offer will remain open but it is in everyone’s interests where possible, to transfer across as soon as you have made your decision.


For those wishing to transfer onto NCA Terms & Conditions, an option confirmation letter and NCA contract will be issued in due course.


Should you have any other queries please feel free to contact:


Simon Boon

Simon Bashford