Guidance re Staff Health & Working Arrangements During COVID-19


The NCA has now published its guidance on Staff Health & Working Arrangements during the Coronavirus Crisis and associated Health & Safety Declaration.

For officers who are considered ‘vulnerable’ or live with someone in the ‘vulnerable’ category (as defined by Public Health England or the NHS), and whose Agency roles cannot be delivered from home, this guidance provides information on returning to work at NCA premises or other locations on a managed basis. NCA Officers who fall into these categories can now elect to sign an employee ‘declaration’ and if supported by both their Manager and Deputy Director, can return to work away from their home.

NCA Officers who fall within the PHE or NHS definition of ‘extremely vulnerable’ or live with someone who is ‘extremely vulnerable’, should continue to work from home.

This guidance also includes information for all officers, re circumstances where they could be required to redeploy to other work, even when their current role can presently be delivered from home. The NCOA sought assurances that any redeployments should be kept to a minimum, with officers only moving to roles appropriate to their skills and experience, and in line with this recently issued guidance. Where appropriate, NCA members will receive any additional allowances linked to the roles to which they are re-deployed.

We are aware that some members who are considered vulnerable or live with someone who is vulnerable wish to return to work (either operationally or at NCA premises), as soon as possible. This guidance will enable some of those officers to fulfil their wishes if their work cannot be done from home. We would advise that NCOA members within this category carefully consider the implications of signing a declaration and working away from home.

The Agency has committed to ensure that social distancing measure and hygiene arrangements including regular hand washing will be followed at NCA premises. Appropriate PPE will be available to those who are deploying operationally and both the agency and the NCOA have published the latest guidance on its use.

The Agency cannot guarantee that officers will not be exposed to the COVID-19 virus. NCOA members should therefore mindful of this and seek medical and other relevant advice before signing any declaration.

We have been in contact with the Underwriters of the bespoke NCOA Insurance Benefits Trust Scheme (IBT) who confirm that the scheme benefits remain unaffected should members sign such a declaration and work otherwise than at home.

NCOA members should continue to seek assistance from its trade union in line with previous members briefings if needed.

Kind regards,

Steve Bond

National Officer,