HM Treasury Economic Evidence to Pay Review Bodies.


Following the recent publication of the Home Secretary’s letter setting the terms of the 2021/22 pay round for NCA officers, HM Treasury have taken the unusual decision to publish early its own economic evidence. This document further justifies the need for a public sector pay pause in 2020/21, by restricting the scope of the independent Pay Review Bodies (except for those representing NHS staff), to recommend pay uplifts this year. This evidence can be found at: HMT Economic Evidence to Review Bodies 2020

NCOA Members will be aware that its Trade Union previously lobbied the Home Secretary, seeking that NCA pay be exempt from the restrictions. Whilst this HMT evidence reports that the government now presides over a budget deficit of £393.5bn, it is also clear that  the money saved as a result of a public sector pay pause will be small change when set against the colossal spending deemed necessary to combat the COVID-19 economic situation.

The NCA baseline Pay Bill, including overtime, is estimated to be £222.19m for 2020/1, the cost of last year’s differentiated pay award of 2.5%, was modelled at a cost of £5.55m.

Despite the very strong position taken by the Treasury, the independent pay review bodies will still consider evidence this year, albeit without any ability to make recommendations affecting pay uplifts.

What does this mean for the NCA? All parties must publish their written evidence to the NCARRB by the 26th February 2021.

Whilst many may now see this as a fruitless exercise (our role does not change) we exist to represent the best interests of our members. We will therefore comply with the timetable and use the opportunity to highlight aspects of pay which cause our members concern, both now and looking ahead into the future.

We also intend to point out that a pay pause for NCA officers will have a minuscule impact on the current deficit and provide alternative and affordable recommendations on how equitable pay uplifts could be delivered for NCOA members, if not constrained.

Steve BOND - NCOA National Officer