Interim Solution to Redress PRP Inequality


The NCA has now published the information on the PDS 2015/2016 End of Year ratings which form the basis for ‘Exceeded’ Pay Awards. Yet again this data validates the NCOA position of opposing ‘performance related pay’ as measured by the current PDS. However  the NCOA recognises that those Officers who are judged as excellent should have their hard work recognised. The current system has shown to disadvantage the most junior and lowest paid in the organisation.
The decision taken by the Senior Leadership Team to vary the amount NCA Officers receive depending on grade, should be seen as no more than an interim and pragmatic solution to a system where G1’s are three times more likely to be judged as excellent than G6’s. Your NEC are actively consulting with the NCA to achieve meaningful pay reform. This is now a must if the NCA is to remain the Law Enforcement Agency of choice for those wishing to have a career tackling serious and organised crime.