IOTP G6 Trainee Update.


You will be aware that the NCOA have single-handedly been making concerted efforts to afford you early, or in some cases immediate access to the Spot Rate system.

You will be aware that the NCOA have single-handedly been making concerted efforts to afford you early, or in some cases immediate access to the Spot Rate system. This would bring you in line with new joiners to the NCA.

Whilst it is not currently possible to benefit from Spot Rate Pay until you have completed your entire training and secured PIP2/IPP, new joiners with NIE/PIP1 (or equivalent skills) are currently being placed immediately on to SR1 as ‘accepted onto IOTP’. We, like you, are acutely aware that SR1 pay rates are considerably higher than Trainees (non G5’s) already employed by the Agency.

Having raised the issue several months ago, we felt comfortable to escalate matters to the DDG through a formal process seeking a decision at the Joint Negotiating Consultation Committee. We then took part in a private meeting with the Agency (no other Unions were part of this process) and were subsequently provided with an indicative position by the Agency on the 17th July, to be ratified by the Remuneration Committee yesterday.

I am delighted to inform you that following yesterday’s meeting, the Agency has agreed to mirror terms offered to new recruits which will mean you are no longer disadvantaged by entering the programme as an NCA G6. You will shortly receive a letter from the Agency outlining what is effectively an additional pay uplift as you progress through the IOTP system.

It has been agreed that at the point you have achieved PIP1 status equivalent and passed your NIE, all Trainees will be offered the opportunity to move to SR1. As this will see you shifting from a 37 to 40hr week the choice will be yours however, I envisage you will all grab this with both hands as you embark upon your career with the NCA.

This is a new position moving forward and whilst we have not been able to secure any back payments, this represents a significant achievement by the NCOA when affordability and available funds are extremely limited. Of greater success is that this process will be rolled out for all non G5 Trainees moving forward introducing a significant pay uplift as skills are secured.

For some of you the change will be immediate, for others on the programme you will benefit once you have gained your powers.

What has been apparent throughout the lone battle for this increase in salary is the number of officers who are not members of the NCOA. The issue was driven by the NCOA with the support of members who have provided us with all the information we have needed to deliver a successful outcome.

We do not have a register of all members currently affected by this issue. I would therefore urge you to spread the word in your workplace and also encourage non-members to join the NCOA to see for themselves what the NCA’s largest and most influential Trade Union can do for them.

The NCOA is currently in a position to reward existing members with gift vouchers to the value of £25 when they are able introduce two or more members to us before Christmas.

Best wishes

Simon Boon
NCOA General Secretary

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