London Weighting Allowance Update




Recent NOVO restructuring announcements have raised a number of questions from our membership, particularly from those working in business areas which in the near future appear to be operating with less staff than is currently the case.  

NOVO plans to consolidate the existing NCA Estate are only adding to the fears of members who have expressed their concern about where they, or any officer displaced by NOVO may find themselves working in the near future. 

For our members in the South East, the issue is of particular concern to those currently in receipt of the London Weighting Allowance (LWA).  Site closures and relocation are a reality for many over the next couple of years, compounded by a clear message from the NCA that it has, ‘no intention of extending the London Weighting Allowance beyond its current boundaries’. 

Under existing arrangements, the NCA Remuneration Policy highlights that where individuals are compulsorily posted from a qualifying NCA location to a non qualifying NCA location, London Weighting will continue to be paid but reduced on a sliding scale based on 75%, 50% and 25% over a three year period. This position could potentially result in significant financial hardship for many of our members at a time of austerity and minimal pay increases. 

The NCOA has engaged with the employer at various levels to establish what will happen to LWA following wholesale site closures. It is our opinion that an exceptional business solution is required rather than reliance on a policy which was not designed to cater for a National restructuring programme. 

 Following formal confirmation from the organisation, the NCOA are delighted to be able to inform you that; 

Any officer currently in receipt of London Weighting will not lose this allowance following enforced ‘NOVO Estates re-structuring. 

In essence, your allowance will be protected should your office close and you are moved to a site which does not attract London Weighting at the time your move takes place. 

This is not an indefinite position, and officers should be mindful of the fact that they will forfeit this ‘red circled’ status, following voluntary moves through promotion or lateral transfer to any non LWA site in the future. 

For those of you not in receipt of LWA, please rest assured that we are doing everything we can to engage in meaningful discussion with the employer on behalf of all of our members to ensure your concerns are voiced and that current information is made available to you at this time of uncertainty.

Simon Boon

NCOA Chairman