Member Action Update - Day 4


Dear Members

As mentioned yesterday, the NCOA met with your employer this morning to receive the latest updates on the 2022/23 pay award.

We have now been informed that although your pay award next Friday is now ‘happening’, the trigger for publication of the NCARRB report and recommendations remains via a ministerial statement in parliament. This has been scheduled for Thursday 23rd February. Even significant unplanned political events are now unable to halt the banking processes which are already in train to deliver adjusted salaries into your bank accounts barely 24hrs later. That said, should something beyond the norm take everybody by surprise, there is a Plan B option waiting in the wings to ensure your pay award still sees the light of day on Friday 24th February if the planned ministerial statement routing is no longer an option.

Given the train of events which indicate the wheels are now in motion and an alternative ministerial routing to allow the publishing of the NCARRB report is sitting in the background, there is simply no reason to delay the publication of the NCARRB report other than for cynical gain by those who control this process. Why can’t it be shared today or tomorrow given the factual position today re the implementation of your pay award next Friday?

The choreographing of further wholly unnecessary delays to the publication of an NCARRB report outlining your pay award, can only be a deliberate tactical decision. Doing so completely eliminates any opportunity for you to fully consider and react to the contents of that report (and your own pay award) ahead of implementation the very next day. Given the 6-month painful process you already endured, this serves only to demonstrate the utter contempt shown to you as employees of the National Crime Agency, despite the soundbites thrown out from time to time.  

Given the deliberate steps which have been built in to hide the recommendations from you until the 11th hour, we currently see no reason why any NCOA members should contemplate halting any formal withdrawal of goodwill and will report back to you with next steps in due course.