Member Action Update - Day 5


Dear Members

Rather predictably, yesterday’s announcement stirred up a great deal of ill feeling which was reported back to us through our rep network and significant membership.

This morning, we formally wrote to the Agency on your behalf to secure early access to the NCARRB report recommendations which have shaped your pay award. Given the apparent fact that the award cannot now be stopped, (and with an alternative publication trigger identified), there remains no reasonable excuse not to
share the details of the NCARRB report with you prior to the 23rd Feb. If the Agency considers it is unable to share it with you, we have sought an assurance that they actively engage with HM Govt as a matter of urgency to secure support for this act of good faith, recognising the extraordinary and painful process endured by staff so far.

Friday the 17th February marks 200 days that your pay award has been delayed and thankfully the weekend is within touching distance. To mark this sobering milestone, I would invite you to leave the office promptly today, ready to embrace the freedom the weekend brings, through quality time with family and friends – with your work phones and laptops turned off, securely deposited in the workplace.

We thank you for your continued commitment through the withdrawal of goodwill to make it known that this is an unacceptable way to treat those charged with protecting the public from Serious and Organised Crime.