Member Action Update - Day 7


Dear Members,

Earlier today, the Agency provided a response to Friday’s request for proper transparency regarding the currently embargoed NCARRB report. Whilst the Agency have been keen to reiterate that there will be no sharing until scheduled publication on Thursday, they failed to address our more important request to provide us with an assurance that they would engage with HM Govt to secure earlier sight of the document and the all-important pay recommendations. Whilst rather predictable, it demonstrates how your employer does not want to rock the boat even though the effect on both staff and morale is now significant.

Behind the scenes we have been approached and asked if the NCOA might consider breaking the embargo. We have.

Whilst the annual NCA pay cycle is normally a painful process, this year has been exceptional in terms of delays. It is shocking that after 6 months you will only get to see your 2022 pay award the day after formal publication – which we can still see no mention of in parliamentary schedules. We are keen for you to see it before the 23rd February but accept that were we to break the embargo, we would never again be trusted with this type of information, having been seen to break a gentleman’s agreement which we entered into as a willing participant.

However, on this occasion, early sight of that document has enabled us to influence and reject outright early proposals from your employer to reduce the value of the recommendations which determine an Agency wide pay award for all officers. Hopefully, you will understand why on this occasion, we have decided not to break that embargo.

We are continuing to challenge your employer on a number of key issues relating to the 2022/23 pay award and will report what we can, ahead of any formal publication later this week.