Member Action Update - Day 8


Dear Members,

Ahead of our scheduled pay meeting tomorrow, it is now evident that there will be no early release of information re your delayed pay award until Thursday. Although..... it appears many of you were able to catch a cheeky peek of your February pay slip on resource link earlier today – before the system locked out everyone else rushing to get to a terminal as soon as word spread.

Whilst there now appear to be some very tight and unnecessary controls on the publication of your pay award, it seems sensible that if you want to get access to the information you need as soon as the green light is given, we recommend that you head over to National Crime Agency Remuneration Review Body - GOV.UK (  now, and then head to the ‘Get Emails’ link halfway down the page where you can confirm that you want to be updated as soon as the next publication is made.

I’m sure there will be much to talk about the actual pay award in due course, but should anything of value come out of tomorrow’s pay meeting, we will update you accordingly. (Still no trace on the parliamentary timetables as far as we can see).