Member Survey Outcome


Dear Members,

As you will be aware, the extreme delay to your 2023 pay award and the outcome itself, saw us refresh our consultative ballot to better understand whether the wider membership wished to continue with the withdrawal of goodwill beyond the 23rd February 2024. Access to the ballot closed at 5pm on Friday 1st March.

Despite extremely detailed and strong opinions voiced by many of you, the ballot has delivered insufficient support to justify continuing with this course of action at this time. The coordinated withdrawal of goodwill led by the NCOA will therefore cease with immediate effect.

Please accept my personal thanks to those of you who withdrew your goodwill to demonstrate your objection to the recent pay process, and latterly by taking part in the refreshed survey. Despite the disappointment felt by many in relation to the pay process and the £1500 in particular, the Agency and wider government can be in no doubt that hard working members of the NCOA deserve better and that legal restrictions or not, they will not shy away from taking a stand until their pay system delivers a fair, timely and transparent process which is fit for purpose.

Further detail on the survey will be provided in the Spring edition of Under Cover - due at workplaces in April.


Simon Boon - General Secretary