Members Briefing - 2015 NCARRB Pay Submission


The NCOA has reflected their member concerns within the 2015 NCARRB pay submission. Following the hugely successful AGM in October and our own member survey, the NCOA has been able to submit a bespoke, unique and innovative pay submission.

The NEC listened to what you have had to say in respect of pay, pay progression, erosion of allowances and shift pay and, your concerns over the PDS method of remuneration. All of your concerns voiced have been included in detail within the report.

The NCOA has gone even further by introducing its own proposals as to how the organisation can re-introduce effective and tangible pay progression within the same pay scales. Our unique submission of pay range shortening will see a lower Graded officers ‘slash’ the time it takes them to get to the maximum of their pay potential. Similarly, the NCOA has addressed the failure of the organisation (and its precursor) to raise the maxima in line with any pay increase, in the same way as the police service.

The inequality that saw 20% of all Grades 1 obtaining an Excellent PDS payments in 2014, in stark contrast with just 5.2% of Grade 5 has been exposed as discriminatory.

NCOA has gone further to highlight the communications around the removal of pensionable shift allowances and the potential detrimental financial consequences of a 12% reduction in pay.

The NCOA looks forward to its oral delivery to the NCARRB panel in three months. For the full summary of this innovative and tailor-made NCA submission, reflecting all of your pay concerns, click here.


Simon Bashford

NCOA National Secretary