Message from Flint House


Below is a message from Kevin Bishop at Flint House Treatment Centre to the NCOA:

The current Corona Virus Pandemic has been a challenge for everyone personally and for all organisations and non-more so than the UK law enforcement.

In 2020 The Police Rehabilitation charity reached the milestone of having supported the care of sick and injured police officers for 130 years since 1890, it was a great irony that Covid-19 did what two world wars, the 1918 Influenza pandemic and the General Strike in 1926 couldn’t do, which was to shut us down to taking patients for the time being  

Currently we remain closed pending Government and Health advice on when it is possible to safely treat patients. We remain a charity principally supported by Police officers donations and rely totally on every donation we receive to ensure we are here for you should your members ever need us.

As a result of the Pandemic we had to curtail many planned celebratory activities, but rather than await the return to normal (whatever and whenever that maybe!!) we have increased our digital footprint and visibility to maintain the flow of information to our supporters and current donors, assisting them with Rehabilitation measures and helpful Medical advice for both Physical and Mental health.

The Physio team is now giving consultations and operating personal treatment plans to officers remotely from the Centre by Video conferencing on a one to one basis. This has been well received and whilst no substitute for the complete Flint House experience, is proving a popular and innovative way of carrying on Rehabilitation treatment whilst we cannot admit patients.  

On YouTube we have placed a considerable number of videos to safely facilitate Rehabilitation Physiotherapy exercise at home:

A brand new newsletter with regular information, events, and interest postings about our Flint House team and fundraising support among other topics is now available by signing up for free at:  

We have re arranged our social media and can now followed via  @FlintHouseRehab and @FlintHouseComms on Twitter, and Facebook and Instagram

I am taking this particular opportunity to thank you for your support of The Police Rehabilitation Centre, by ensuring as many officers are made aware of the Centre, what is does for them and thus encouraging donation.

To be a regular donor as eligible personnel and facilitate accessing Flint House, officers can visit our web site to donate direct; or they can still use the historical route of payroll donation by whatever method your force uses to encompass the donation.

Lastly but by no means least of all anybody over the age of 16 can support the Centre by playing in our Monthly Cash Prize Lottery draw.

This takes place on the 28th of each month, each entry is just £1.00 and you can have as many as you wish up to a maximum of £25. All winners are automatically notified and cheques sent out if you have won one of the seven prizes that range from £1000 to £50. Results are posted on our social media and web site shortly after the 28th.

Should you or anybody know would like to support the Centre by partaking in the draw entry can be on-line at

Once again thank you for your support and cannot stress how vital it is for officers to support Flint House not only as a safeguard for themselves but also colleagues should injury or sickness occur.

Thank you and keep on keeping safe.

Kind Regards


Kevin Bishop

PR & Communication Manager.

Supporting Police Officers since 1890….

Tel Nos: + 44 1491 874499

Mobile: +44 7785 951771