Muted Fanfare Heralds 2016 Pay Award


The NCARRB results are out, and whilst we are all still subjected to a protracted period of pay restraint, the 1% pay award is no more than anyone could have expected.  Sadly, recent increases to NI contributions will mean most officers see little benefit from this meagre uplift.   

I’m sure this repetitive pay review causes many members to question the purpose of our engagement with the NCARRB who are instructed by the Home Secretary to adhere to a 1% maximum pay award before the process even starts.  

However, this year the NCOA successfully challenged the NCA’s proposals to once again use the annual cost of living pay award to compensate for lack of pay progression within outdated pay scales. Whilst the NCOA supports any efforts to raise the wages of staff we cannot support any form of targeting which sees other groups of staff disadvantaged as a consequence. A reluctance by the NCA to raise the pay grade maxima has seen some officers receive no proper consolidated pay award since 2008.

The NCARRB endorsed the NCOA position that with such little room for manoeuvre, all officers (including Borders staff awaiting assimilation), should receive the same 1% award, irrespective of where they sit on the pay scale.

Following a powerful staff survey which echoed the thoughts of many of our members with regards to pay and reward, the NCA has now undertaken to review its current pay and reward framework. The NCOA welcomes this review, are already engaging in the process on your behalf and will update you as soon as we are able to do so.

We are also due to commence engagement with the organisation with regards to reviewing the annual pay award for our NCA officers who operate without powers. The NCOA would like to take this opportunity to stress;

  1. The separate pay review processes are brought about by an act of parliament and are something which we have no control over.
  2. No significance should be drawn from the fact that the NCARRB process takes place prior to the Treasury Pay remit discussions for officers without powers.

The timetabling for both process are set by the Home office and we engage with on your behalf ensuring that our pay award proposals for those with and without powers are identical