NCA 2020/21 Pay Update


Dear Members,

The agency has now published its Pay Award for 2020/21. Some officers at G3 – G1 have also received letters offering them a move away from standard pay ranges to spot rate pay.

The NCA is correct to acknowledge that this year’s pay award was yet again constrained by a lack of additional funding. The NCOA would hope that such constraints are not in place when the Home Office sets the remit for next year’s pay award. Whilst we will be encouraging the agency to seek substantive additional money, it is clear that self-funding pay awards stifle the agency’s ability for a fully inclusive pay reform programme.

Rather than providing further commentary on the 2020/21 pay award now. The NCOA will publish more detailed analysis in the forthcoming Under Cover magazine, this will allow us to provide previously embargoed information on this year’s pay negotiations.

The recent Members Briefs on NCA pay can be seen on this news page both of which remain relevant. In addition, and in response to NCOA member queries, I confirm that the decisions taken by the agency on the roles deemed suitable for spot rate was not subject to negotiation between the NCA and its Trade Unions.


Steve BOND

National Officer NCOA.