NCA Pay Award 2015


The NCARRB pay review results, which were delayed due to the general election, were received on 20th July 2015 with the NCARRB staying within the 1% guidelines set by the Home Secretary. 

Non powers pay negotiations were completed on 4th August 2015 and the award mirrors the NCARRB recommendations.

Good News:

  • Every officer achieving a ‘Good’ rating ‘will’ receive a pay award
  • Lower paid staff to receive a higher than average award
  • £135 uplift to pay ranges meaning consolidated awards for most members on maximum
  • NCA maintains one workforce ethos by matching powers and non-powers awards.
  • NCARRB highlights concerns over current NCA pay structure
  • London Weighting increased by 1% (£32).

 Bad News:

  • Controversial system of PDS marking to obtain ‘excellent’ award remains
  • No changes to allowances except London Weighting
  • Pay award distribution unchanged for the last three years, penalising the most experienced officers.

 The NCOA accept that the 1% pay award approach is not driven by the NCA who are subject to the current austerity measures imposed by the government and remain concerned about morale.  Below is a précis of the recommendations made today by the NCA: 

Recommendation 1: that all NCA officers designated with operational powers or not who were assessed as at least “good” under the NCA’s performance management system receive consolidated pay increases from 1 August 2015 at the following values: below target range £540; within target range £270; and above target range £135.  The pay range maxima are to be increased by £135 meaning a consolidated pay rise for most officers.

Recommendation 2: that all officers who have not been previously offered assimilation (in SOCA or NCA) should receive a pay increase of 1% (non-consolidated where above the pay range maxima) from 1 August 2015.  Any officer who has been offered assimilation and rejected the offer will not receive a 1% increase in pay.

Recommendation 3: London Weighting values to increase by 1% (£32) but all other NCA allowances remain unchanged.

Recommendation 4:  In light of the NCARRB report and recommendations, the NCA is to conduct a full review of its pay structure in advance of the next NCARRB submission.  (The NCOA have asked to be included in this review from the outset.)

Given the current level of CPI and the hardship suffered by members the NCOA requested a pay increase in excess of the 1% cap imposed by the Home Secretary and the NCOA has therefore rejected the offer given many staff will again see a further reduction in take home pay given the increases to pension contributions and everyday living costs.

The NCA has however indicated that it intends to implement the pay award including the excellent payments in the August pay run.

A full report detailing what this will mean to you in the coming year will be published on our website but I wish to assure you all that the NCOA continues to work extremely hard on your behalf which you will see evidenced within the full NCARRB report which you can find at

Any queries arising from this bulletin should be directed towards your local representative. 

Nicola Price

Executive Secretary