NCA Postpones Borders Investigators Assimilation


The NCA management met with the executive members of the National Crime Officers Association to discuss progress in relation to our members’ assimilation.

NCOA has been pushing for the updated position since it was last consulted in December 2013.

The NCA have said that whilst national grades have been assigned to each officer and role, they are now not looking to assimilate Borders Investigators (CFIs) in the immediate future.

Management side stated that they still ‘had work to do’ in relation to how they are currently rewarded and what method might be best suited going forward and are calling for a ‘forensic examination’ of the allowance system.

NCOA have recorded their concerns that their members have not received the same assimilation opportunities as other transferees. NCOA has similarly raised the issue that whilst those with powers will benefit from any NCARRB negotiations, they seek clarity over fairness for those without powers, in the summer pay negotiations.  

Meanwhile, it is confirmed that former PeCU officers will be assimilated in same way as Met police officers who transferred in 2007. This will include the retention of ‘Housing/Rent Allowances’. CRTP payments and other allowances will be assimilated into their base salary.

National Fraud Agency colleagues are undergoing their assimilation terms now as part of the job evaluation process.

Updates will continue to be posted in relation to the Borders members concerns