NCA Subsistence Rate Changes


A recent NCA Team Brief has announced policy changes which take effect from the 1st November which requires the production of receipts in order to claim subsistence allowances. The changes restrict claims to the actual expenditurewhere receipts have been provided. The current limits of £4.70 (5-10hrs), £10.00 (10 hrs>) and £14.70 (>12hours) will not be changed therefore actual expenditure up to the appropriate limit may be claimed.

During a period of consultation NCOA officials challenged the aforementioned proposals as unnecessary, bureaucratic and likely to increase the cost of subsistence claims; however the organisation refused to change its stance.

Members should be aware that despite the revised policy wording they are still able to claim in excess of the current subsistence rates provided they retain and submit a receipt with their expense claim and it is authorised by their manager as per the policy extracts:

NCA Policy - Travel Accommodation & Subsistence Allowances - HR 11 (V6)

14.2 Limit Exceeded

Where a claim exceeds the limit(s) for subsistence allowance for a genuine reason, actual costs may be claimed. NCA Officers and NCA Contractors will be required to produce receipts or similar evidence to justify the claim. The ‘claimant’ must retain all receipts, once they have been approved by an Authorising Manager.

NCA Operating Procedure – Travel & Subsistence – HR11 OP 01


Where there are exceptional circumstances and an officer has to exceed the allowance limits, the actual expenditure incurred may be claimed, provided a receipt is obtained and retained in accordance with both internal and external audit and Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) requirements.

The recent NCOA AGM has mandated the NEC to seek an increase to the current subsistence rates which have remained unchanged for the past 8 years and we will update you on that progress in due course.

For any queries arising from this bulletin please seek the advice of your nearest NCOA Representative.