NCARRB Pay Review 2014


The NCOA can report that the long awaited NCARRB pay review results are today published. Home Secretarystays within the 1% guidelines.

Good News:

  • NCOA thwarts any immediate attempts to impose London Weighting changes.
  • Every officer ‘will’ receive a pay award
  • NCARRB recognises NCOA concerns over NI staff
  • Lower paid staff to receive a higher than average award

Bad News:

  • Controversial system of PDS marking to obtain ‘excellent’ award stays in
  • No changes to allowances
  • No uplift to pay ranges meaning some non-consolidate awards for members on maximum

Below is a précis of the recommendations made today and signed off by the Home Secretary.

Recommendation 1: that NCA officers designated with operational powers assessed as at least “good” under the NCA’s performance management system receive consolidated pay increases from 1 August 2014 at the following values: below target range £540; within target range £270; and above target range £135 (non-consolidated where above the pay range maxima).

Recommendation 2: that Border Investigators (former UK Border Agency officers) designated with operational powers not offered assimilation should receive a pay increase of 1% (non-consolidated where above the pay range maxima) from 1 August 2014.

Recommendation 3: no changes in the values of NCA allowances within our remit for 2014/15.

Recommendation 4:  that the NCA conduct a full review of the design, purpose and value of the London Weighting Allowance and present proposals in evidence to us.

What does it mean to you? Below is a simple ‘read across’ table to assist you in calculating your own personal increase in salary in the year 2014 – 2015:

Grade                        Below Target               Within Target                       Above Target

Grade 1                     0.7% – 0.9%                0.3% - 0.4%                         0.2%

Grade 2                     0.9% – 1%                   0.4% - 0.5%                         0.2%

Grade 3                     1.1% - 1.3%                 0.5% - 0.6%                         0.2% - 0.3%

Grade 4                     1.4% - 1.6%                 0.6% - 0.7%                         0.3%

Grade 5                     1.8% - 2.2%                 0.8% - 0.9%                         0.4%

Grade 6                     2.4% - 3.1%                 1.1% - 1.2%                         0.5%

A full report detailing what this will mean to you in the coming year will be published tomorrow but I wish to assure you all that the NCOA worked extremely hard on your behalf which you will see evidenced within the full NCARRB report click here to view

Any questions please go to your local representative.

Simon Bashford

National Secretary