NCOA Alone in Challenge to G5 I.O. Recruits Timimg


The NCOA were alone in challenging the timing and terms offered in the Grade 5 investigator adverts which were published on the 24th February 2017. 

Your NEC expressed their disappointment that at a time when we all wait for a decision from the Home Office and HM Treasury on proposed Pay Reform; the NCA has advertised for G5 investigators with salaries up to £30, 626 depending on skills and current salary. This is especially disappointing as the civil service principles on pay transfer prevent current NCA employees for receiving these enhanced pay levels even if they are successful in applying for the roles advertised.

With most NCOA Members having received no meaningful increase in pay since 2008, yet again the NCA are creating further situations where current NCA officers with equivalent training and experience will be working alongside new recruits but being paid several thousand pounds less. It does not appear that the NCA have learnt the lessons from the 2016 Staff Survey where the effect on moral as a result in disparity in pay was widely commented on.

The NEC are preparing for this years NCARRB submission, this latest external advertisement clearly shows what the NCA consider to be the appropriate benchmarking position for a Grade 5 investigator. The NEC would welcome any NCOA Member who wishes their specific concerns to be raised with the NCARRB panel during the oral submissions   and subsequent pay negotiations with the NCA to be e-mailed to marked as ‘MY PAY ISSUE’

The impact of this latest recruitment campaign will only add to the commitment of your NEC to seek meaningful pay reform in the NCA.