ADC 2023 - Have Your Say!


Dear Members,

The Annual Delegates Conference (ADC) of the NCOA allows Reps on behalf of NCOA members to come together and debate to set the negotiating priorities for your National Executive Committee. This year’s Annual Delegates Conference will be held on Tuesday 10th October 2023 and Wednesday 11th October 2023.

The matters to be debated will have been submitted on a NCOA ADC Motions form (copy attached). The submission of ADC Motions is your way to influence the NCOA to shape and change NCA policy. Sometimes a ‘grassroots’ motion from an office, drafted by a single member can lead to historic change. The ADC also ensures that the NCOA campaigns on the issues important to its members.

Workplace Reps have been asked to hold meetings between now and the 1st August 2023. We of course recognise that owing to hybrid working arrangements these meetings may be conducted remotely or by e-mail. By engaging with your Workplace Representatives, members will be able to ensure that relevant and timely motions can be put forward for debate at this year’s ADC.

The Standing Orders Committee will ensure that the Motions Book for 2023 is available to NCOA Workplace Representatives prior to the ADC, so that they can take the views of members prior to the debates.

Reps will have the opportunity to raise any urgent matters that arise after the 1st August 2022, by the submission of Emergency Motions.

I encourage all NCOA members to engage with their NCOA Workplace Representatives. A list of NCOA Reps can be found on the NCOA page on the NCA intranet and in the latest edition of Under Cover.

Steve Bond - National Officer