NCOA Challenge Border Police Command (BPC) Assimilation Failure


The NCOA has offered the employer an interim solution in order to ensure that BPC members are protected until they are able to make an informed decision on whether to accept NCA assimilation these include:  

  • Retaining notional grades for all CFI transferees as a bench mark to work from in respect of transfer and promotion.  

  • Protecting current allowances, including AHW and CIA, following lateral moves or promotion. 

  • Adequate transition/parachute arrangements. 

  • Reserved rights for BPC members in respect of lateral/promotion opportunities within their business area until assimilation is resolved.  

  • Protection of allowances for BPC member’s officer who have undergone any lengthy period of training / assessment campaign for a post e.g. SLO or Firearms until assimilation is resolved. 

  • Recognition of time in post / experience in role when developing spine point assimilation within grade.  

The NCOA is currently taking legal advice on the legitimacy of placing officers into a position where they will potentially remain static in post or, face losing thousands of pounds a year in order to develop and enrich their career.  

The organisation has been reminded of their 2013 ‘Blueprint pledge’ in respect of transferring staff, to “. . . provide opportunities for all officers to acquire new skills and develop their careers . . .”   

The NCOA is fighting hard on your behalf and will update you again soon however if you have any questions over this or any other BPC issue please speak with your workplace NCOA representative. 


Simon Bashford


National Secretary